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    Any IAS aspirant constantly needs to read tons of articles on politics, current affairs etc. Just reading them is not enough, he has to be able to recall them later. With so much content to read, tracking them becomes a very difficult task. There’s always a time when we wonder what was that article that we read, like that article detailing the negative effects of demonitization or that article on Make in India program.

    All these problems can go away by using graspire.com. Graspire is a platform that lets users save any articles, tutorials they are reading, videos they watching or courses they are doing. It lets you categorize them( which makes search a breeze ), add statuses like save for later, incomplete etc, add notes for them. Please do check it out at https://graspire.com . It will surely augment your preparation.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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