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    Rohan Katju

    Hello friends,

    Nowadays I see a lot of ads and announcements for mock tests for IAS prelims so I wanted to discuss about this trend here.

    Have you joined any mock tests yet? What is your experience been. Are mock tests required or we can clear the Prelims without attempting any tests?

    From my own personal experience, after not being successful in my first Prelims attempt, I realised lack of practice before the actual Prelims was the primary reason for missing the qualifying marks in Prelims.

    So I decided to make amends by joining a good quality test series but which was not too costly. I decided to go with ias krackers test series since it offered good quality demo questions, complete solutions, clearly defined syllabus and schedule that suited my preparation plan. But perhaps the biggest reason was it was very affordable without compromising on the quality of questions. I can happily recommend it to others.

    But I want others to contribute to this thread as well. Which test series have you joined for Prelims and how has been your experience so far?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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