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    Over 100 students with facts and evidence proceeding for a writ petition on the ‘Ambiguous’ nature of four questions that appeared in this year Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) exam. With 2 marks for every right answer and 0.67 marks cut for negative this makes up for 10.66 marks being struck in these questions which forced the students to take this matter to Supreme Court.
    This has caused a great confusion among the civil service aspirants many of whom even sent their representations via emails and letters to the UPSC to highlight the issue of erroneous questions in the exam to seek necessary clarifications regarding redressal. In the absence of any reply from the Commission and the results being declared soon after, it became clear that UPSC was least bothered about the alleged goof-up in the exam, or releasing any public clarifications thereof. Thousands of affected candidates thus could feel the gross injustice being manifest at them, many of whom lost their last chance (due to age-limit or attempts) losing out on their much cherished dream of serving the country by being a part of its ‘steel frame’, all this not due to their lack of merit but due to a few unfair questions set by the paper setter. UPSC CSE is one of the world’s most competitive exams and even one question means a lot in deciding an aspirant’s career outcome. This time there were at least four unfair questions:- (Refer Attachment for detailed discussion with respective sources for every ambiguous question)

    1. Right to vote and to be elected as Constitutional or Legal Right;
    2. Seawater receding a few kilometers at Chandipur (Odisha) and Bhavnagar (Gujarat);
    3. Evidence regarding Indus Valley Civilization people being aware of Horse or not; and
    4. Who can file nomination for the Lok Sabha Election?

    Four questions listed below were found to have more than one answers correct which jeopardizes the student future and gives the UPSC exam a miserable experience.

    1. Is the right to vote and to be elected a Constitutional or a Legal Right?;
    (a)Fundamental Rights (b) Natural Right (c) Constitutional Rights (d) Legal Right
    Ambiguity : NCERT Textbooks from 9th & 11th Standard calls them constitutional right with 2013 SC Judgement calls it ‘Statutory Right’ while 2015 SC judgment places it as ‘Constitutional Rights and legal rights’.

    2. Where in India does sea water recede a few kilometers from the shoreline twice a day and then return to the shore?
    (a) Bhavnagar (b) Bheemunipatnam (c) Chandipur (d) Nagapattinam
    Ambiguity : Gujrat Govt. claims Bhavnagar while Odisha government says Chandipur while both can be choosen as the correct answer.

    3. What are the cultural differences between civilizations of the Rig Vedic Aryans and the Indus Valley people?; and For election to the Lok Sabha, who can file nomination?

    “These four questions have more than one right answer according to textbook references, considered an acceptable method of evaluation by the UPSC examination board. The scale of confusion varies in eight questions, but we have shortlisted four with definitely more than one answer,” was the view of Kabir Choudhary who is leading the student’s counsel in the Supreme Court respectively.

    This is to be kept in mind that for each correct answer the student gets 2 marks and for each incorrect answer 0.67 marks are deducted from the total marks scored. Therefore, ambiguity in four questions put 10.66 marks at stake which is nearly an insane 10% of the expected cut-off (no exaggeration)!

    Every year there are few questions which are put in front with this double meaning answers. UPSC has taken a lot of flak for putting these questions in their exam. The fight is long, let’s see how UPSC and Supreme Court give their verdict on this tumultuous question which they must end to give some respite to students who toil hard for this hardest Exam in India.


    To become petitioner or If you want more details on the matter, please feel free to contact us:
    Vishal Rathi: 7838846880
    Niraj Singh: 09560144927
    E-Mail Id:

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